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26 November 2012

Important Information for Residents

The old email address at the Council to which representations could be sent, [email protected], has been phased out over the past few months. It is now closed and emails sent to that address will not be received. All representations (and indeed other correspondence relating to Licensing Act 2003) must be sent to [email protected]. Correspondence about […]

11 October 2012

Website Maintenance

The website will be closed for mainenance from October 15th to 21st. Any queries should be directed to [email protected]. The website should be up and running on the 21st.

4 October 2012

Live Music Act 2012

The Live Music Act 2012 came into force on 1 October. The main provisions of the Act have the effect of de-regulating live music in certain circumstances. Amplified live music can now be played in premises which have a licence to supply alcohol as long as that licence is in use at the time, without […]

4 October 2012

Temporary Event Notices

Residents are reminded that there is a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) register which is separate from the Public Licensing Register where details of all other Licensing Act 2003 and Gambling Act 2005 applications can be found. The TEN register can be accessed from the following link: A search can ascertain whether a premises had […]

8 August 2012

Gambling Act 2005

‘The Project recently acted for various interested parties who were objecting to a number of applications made by William Hill and Coral under s169 Gambling Act 2005 to remove the default hours condition attached to premises licences for betting shops, so as to extend the opening hours from 10pm to midnight Mon-Sun. The interested parties […]

8 August 2012

Westminster City Council Review of Gambling Policy

Westminster City Council is currently consulting on its statutory review of its Gambling Policy. Under s349 Gambling Act 2005, the Council must publish a ‘Statement of Principles’, and review it every 3 years. The current policy runs from January 2010 to January 2013. The Council has indentified 4 issues relating to betting shops which they […]

4 May 2012

Changes in the Law

A number of changes to the law came into force on 25 April. The changes are introduced by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011. Three of the provisions in particular may be of interest to residents – changes to Temporary Event Notices (TENs), the abolition of the ‘vicinity’ requirement and the term ‘interested […]

2 May 2012

Local Health Authority

As of 25th April 2012, the local health authority is now a ‘responsible authority’ for the purposes of Licensing Act 2003 applications. For residents, this means that this body needs to be served with a copy of a review application, in addition to police, Environmental Health and other statutory bodies. For applications in Westminster (and […]

2 May 2012

Gambling Act 2005

Applications made under Gambling Act 2005 (eg in respect of new betting shops or extended hours for betting shops) can be a source of concern for local residents. The LAP can provide advice to residents of Westminster who have concerns about such applications. Please contact us on [email protected]

2 May 2012

Westminster City Council Licensing Register

Please note that if you are used to using the WCC licensing register to look up applications online, please ensure you have updated your ‘favourites’ to the new weblink: Note – if you are using a search engine to look up ‘Westminster licensing register’, it may take you to an old link of the […]