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Live Music Act 2012

The Live Music Act 2012 came into force on 1 October. The main provisions of the Act have the effect of de-regulating live music in certain circumstances. Amplified live music can now be played in premises which have a licence to supply alcohol as long as that licence is in use at the time, without requiring a separate permission for regulated entertainment in the form of live music, between 8am-11pm, to an audience of less than 200. Any conditions relating to the live music on the current licence cease to have effect.

Non-amplified music can be played anywhere, whether the premises is licensed for supply of alcohol or not eg a workplace, between 8am and 11pm, with no restriction on audience numbers.

Although in the circumstances described above live music is not licensable, other statutory requirements remain (eg Environmental Protection Act 1990). Additionally, on a review, conditions can be added in respect of live music, or those already in force can be stated to have effect once again. It is to be hoped that responsible operators will not simply ignore sensible existing conditions such as those requiring windows and doors to remain closed after 9pm, bearing in mind the desirability of maintaining good relationships with neighbours (not to mention the requirements of EPA 1990).

The Project can advise residents on the best approach to resolving any issues which may occur. We can be contacted on 020 7706 6029.