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Make a Representation

If you have heard about a licensing application in your neighbourhood and you wish to object to or comment on the proposed changes, you are entitled to make a representation.

How to make a representation

Existing Premises Problems

If you are having problems with a licensed premises, for example undue noise nuisance, you have the right to apply for a ‘review’ of the licence in connection with a matter relating to the ‘licensing objectives’.

Help resolving problems

Licensing Hearings: A 10 step guide

Licensing hearings: A 10 step guide for residents in City Westminster.
Read the guide

Useful Links

More on licensing law and procedure, council policies, neighbourhood noise problems, residents associations/amenity groups. You can also Report a problem.

Useful Links

Licensing Act 2003

The Guidance to Licensing Act 2003 states that one of the key aims and purposes of the Act is ‘encouraging greater community involvement in licensing decisions.’

Step by step guide

Gambling Act 2005

A step by step guide to the licensing process for residents in City of Westminster – betting shop applications under Gambling Act 2005

Step by step guide

Local Govt Act 1982

Lap dancing and similar types of premises are regulated by Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, as amended.

Step by step guide