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18 July 2013

An Amended Version of the Guidance

An amended version of the Guidance issued under s182 Licensing Act 2003 has recently been published (June 2013 version). The Guidance specifically states that it is not to have retrospective effect ie it only applies to applications made after the issue date. Residents should be aware that the Council as licensing authority is required to […]

24 June 2013

Changes to the Planning Regime

The interrelation between the planning regime and the alcohol licensing regime can be a common source of frustration for residents. Unfortunately, a change to the planning regime which came into force on 30 May 2013 will do little to ease this frustration – or for that matter, confusion. For instance, residents can be perplexed as […]

16 May 2013

West End Commission Report

A major new report into the future of the West End has recently been published. The document can be viewed here:

5 April 2013

Entertainment Licensing: Changes Under the Live Music Act

Further to previous news items about the Live Music Act, the DCMS has produced a helpful document summarising the changes. It can be found here: There is also a useful ‘Q&A’ about the wider proposals to deregulate regulated entertainment available on the DCMS website. It can be seen here:

5 March 2013

Deregulation of Regulated Entertainment Continued

Further to the News item on 11 January 2013 regarding the DCMS’s proposals to deregulate regulated entertainment, the Institute of Licensing has reported that the likely timescales for implementation are: April 2013 – Deregulation for Plays, Dance and Indoor Sport April 2014 – Deregulation for Live and Recorded Music’

25 January 2013

New Gambling Policy for Westminster

The Council has published its revised Statement of Principles under s349 Gambling Act 2005. This is the policy which it will apply when exercising its functions under the Act. The new policy will apply from 31 January 2013. The consultation had focused on a number of issues on which the Council had sought views, namely […]

25 January 2013

DCMS Triennial Review of Gaming Machine Stakes and Prize limits

The DCMS is in the process of conducting a Triennial Review of Gaming Machine Stake and Prize Limits. This includes a review of stakes and prizes for the category B2 machines in betting shops. The link will take you to the DCMS document: Views are invited from businesses who offer gaming machines as part […]

11 January 2013

Government’s Proposals to Deregulate Entertainment

In late 2010, the Government issued a consultation which proposed to deregulate ‘regulated entertainment’ under Licensing Act 2003, including live music and recorded music such as DJs, discos etc (See News article 7 October 2010). The proposals were to deregulate entirely with no time limits, to a maximum audience number of 4,999. The consultation attracted […]

19 December 2012

Changes to Applications

Residents can sometimes be caught unawares by changes made to applications between the end of the consultation period for representations, and the hearing. These changes can be beneficial to all as they may incorporate reducing the extent of the application, or additional conditions to address the concerns raised in the representations. Sometimes they may be […]

17 December 2012

Revised Government Guidance to Licensing Act

The Guidance issued under s182 Licensing Act 2003 has been revised to take into account various changes in the law (see previous news items), and a new edition was published in October this year. The Guidance specifically states that it is not to have retrospective effect ie it only applies to applications made after the […]