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15 July 2010

Home Office Structural Reform Plan – more power to residents?

Section 1 of the Home Office’s draft Structural Reform Plan, published on 14 July, aims to ‘Enable the police and local communities to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour’ and includes proposals to tackle alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour by making sure that local authorities and police have full powers to remove licences from ‘problem premises’.

2 June 2010

Guide to the Licensing regime

Richard Brown has produced a comprehensive Guide to the Licensing Act 2003 for local residents, which can be found

25 May 2010

Check your post!

Westminster City Council notifies residents in the vicinity of a premises which has made an application under Licensing Act 2003 and notifies the resident of the last date for objections to be received. A recent High Court case has decided that there is no discretion to admit objections submitted too late.

25 May 2010 25 May 2010

Introduction to the Licensing Advice Project

The Westminster Licensing Advice Project: innovative partnership working in the public sector. What is it and why was it set up? The Licensing Advice Project is a partnership between Westminster City Council and Westminster Citizens Advice. When the Licensing Act 2003 came into force, Westminster City Council wished to ensure that its residents and others […]

12 April 2010 10 January 2008

Westminster City Council: New Licensing Policy

The new policy has now been published and is available online here Westminster City Council’s licensing policy was recently under review, which meant that residents and other interested people and organisations had the chance to tell the council what changes they would like to see made to the Licensing Policy and how the present system […]

2 May 2006

The right to demand a hearing…

Residents now have the right to demand a hearing if a licensed premises is causing problems in the community The new licensing system is now underway and that means that new powers are available to ordinary members of the public who live near a licensed premises. Residents can call for a “review” of a licence. […]