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Website Help


To move through the primary sections of this website simply click on the navigation buttons/hyper-links at the top of each page. Some sections of this site may have sub-sections; to visit these sub-sections use the buttons/hyper-links on the right-hand side.

Text size

If the text is too small for you to read you can make your text larger by changing your Web Browser’s text/font settings.

To do this go to your Browser’s Toolbar and then click on View > Text Size. And then change to suit your needs.

To learn more about this please read through the help files. The help files are normally found by clicking on the Help button or Help text on the Toolbar.

Change the way the site looks

To make the website easier to view there are two styles available. To change the way this website looks click on either Default View or High Visibility View. You will see these links top left on each page. Your preferences will be saved for your next visit.

Available Views

  1. Default: The default design/layout, images shown, default size text.
  2. High Visibility: Large bold text on a black background, simple layout, images are not shown.

Note: if you wish to have your settings saved for your next visit your Web Browser will need to be set-up to accept Cookies. Learn more about Cookies.