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PDF Help File

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Some downloadable documents available from this site are PDF files (Portable Document Format). Users will require a PDF Reader to view and print these documents.

Most new and recent Computers will have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed by default. If not, download the free software from 27.7MB.

What to do next?

Where you see a link on the G Consultancy website to a PDF file you have two options.

Options 1

Click on the link. Depending on how your internet browser is configured, this will either attempt to open the PDF file in the browser window, or will display a standard windows dialog box offering the two further choices.

  1. Open: will attempt to open the default PDF Reader software as a separate application and then open the PDF file.
  2. Save to disk: will prompt you to save the PDF file on a local or removable disk, ready to be opened later.

Options 2

Right click and save the PDF file on a local or removable disk, ready to be opened later on.

The Licensing Project is unable to deal with queries related to the installation or usage of the Adobe Acrobat Reader/other PDF reading software. If appropriate, always ask the advice of your systems administrator before installing new software.

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