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Resolving problems with licensed premises

One of the aims of Licensing Act 2003 is encouraging greater community involvement in licensing decisions and giving local residents the opportunity to have their say regarding licensing decisions that may affect them.

S51 Licensing Act 2003 provides that ‘Where a premises licence has effect, a responsible authority or any other person may apply to the relevant licensing authority for a review of the licence’.

At any stage, following the grant of a premises licence or club premises certificate, a responsible authority, or any other person, may ask the licensing authority to review the licence or certificate because of a matter arising at the premises in connection with any of the four licensing objectives.

The proceedings set out in the 2003 Act for reviewing premises licences and club premises certificates represent a key protection for the community where problems associated with the licensing objectives occur after the grant or variation of a premises licence or club premises certificate.

However, it is important to examine other ways of resolving concerns e.g. mediation, prior to applying for a licence review.

The above is general information only, and it is best to seek more detailed advice on your specific case. Contact us for help.